Adopting ABCSC New Business Service Innovation Model to Upgrade and Improve the Sales of Agricultural Products

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Chao-Hung Huang
Wan-Chen Cheng
Shu-Hsun Ho
Hao-Wei Yang


Introduction: Facing a globalized market, the Yunlin County Government of Taiwan takes the promotion of “ YUNLIN GOODS Products” as its main policy goal, and through the certification mechanism, it has accepted the local high-quality team and products with Yunlin characteristics, and assisted the industry to introduce the YUNLIN GOODS Products brand to increase value and the market. segmentation, marketing push through wide, shape the planning started “YUNLIN GOODS “ brand image, Yunlin County to fully achieve a village a distinctive, carrot juice of Dongshi Township, lettuce of Mailiao and so on. The Yunlin County Government is actively matching various channels and trade channels. Products that have won Yunlin Good Products will be put on shelves in department stores, supermarkets and exquisite sales channels through joint marketing and sales channels. At the same time, they will follow Yunlin County The government actively promotes the economy. Previously, the Yunlin County Government led the “ YUNLIN GOODS Products” marketing team to successfully complete the task of expanding sales in the mainland. It successively signed procurement agreements with many companies in Chengdu, Sichuan, etc., to promote high-quality products to a wide range of business opportunities.

Literature review/research gap: Yunlin is a large agricultural city and the agricultural city with the highest agricultural output value in Taiwan. The importance of this research is 1. Why did the Yunlin County Government set up the YUNLIN GOODS team? 2. To build the YUNLIN GOODS brand through one village and one characteristic, and actively match various channels and trade channels. 3. The tutoring industry will put the products that have won YUNLIN GOODS on the shelves through the marketing channels, and put the products on the shelves in department stores and supermarkets. 4. Integrate smart retail, introduce cross-border e-commerce, and expand export sales. The competitiveness of Yunlin Agriculture is in line with the international market, and YUNLIN GOODS’s products are promoted to the international stage. In summary, this model has been promoted smoothly under the leadership of the Yunlin County Government. The establishment of this operational process as an important model is enough to clearly see the importance of this paper. Deeply understand, consider and criticize one’s own professional knowledge and abilities, and be able to return the research results obtained to related industries, and be able to follow this model in the future.

Research method: This study therefore considered rigor mining Delphi research method, product upgrades and optimization guidance, the integration Corp. Tai Intramuros Marketing Association instructor group and related products industry experts to set up ad hoc advisory missions carried out “product counseling” for not by industry, to handle “marketing counseling” for the companies that have passed to meet the needs of the channel, and use it as a reference for analysis. Therefore, this study used a total of “Delphi research method”, “data collection process”, “literature research” and “a case study method” to collect and analyze YUNLIN GOODS brand case.

Findings: 1. YUNLIN GOODS posted after the certification marks, so that consumers desire to buy. 2. The establishment of an enterprise identification system can enhance brand value. 3. Through the strategy of channel listing, let consumers have a closer understanding of YUNLIN GOODS. 4. The introduction of smart retail analysis of consumer demand can increase sales. 5. Provide the establishment of a cross-border e-commerce service platform to enhance the exposure of YUNLIN GOODS’s products.

Theoretical and practitioner implications: Due to the recent outbreak rose to warm to three alerts, to be attempts to prevent the epidemic situation proliferation, most people start using the web platform to buy food and daily necessities of life, to go outside and reduce contact with the outside world, the rise of a wave of unexpected network trend of on-road shopping. For this reason, many online platforms have begun to use different sales models to attract the attention of consumers. From packaging to brand systems, they have their own unique aspects, and the freshness of ingredients is also a very important consideration. In order to reduce the risk of contact and infection in all walks of life, the technology of “unmanned stores” is very convenient nowadays, and it has also attracted attention to the new consumption of “low contact”. Enhance customer loyalty in many of the network platform, creating customer recirculation rate, each believed to be a partner very concerned about. In the past few years, there have been more and more shops for self-cultivation and vegetarianism, and more and more fitness centers have opened. It is not difficult to find that people nowadays pay much attention to nutritional balance. Phytophthora next outbreak situation, a balanced diet is a daily intake of six categories of food must, in order to increase immunity. Nowadays, the Internet and social platforms are popular. Most people’s leisure and entertainment at home is mainly to watch TV news or online videos. They use self-media platforms and invite well-known Internet celebrities to help film food production videos. Rise, how to use cross-industry alliances to achieve a win-win effect, in order to increase the visibility of YUNLIN GOODS.

Keywords: Brand Value, Certification System, Cross-Border E-commerce, Sales Channels, Smart Retail

Australian Academy of Business Research, volume 1, issue 2, June 2024, pp 29-37

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