Sustainable Business Practices and Their Impact on Global Liveability

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Satpreet Singh


Introduction: Sustainable business practices have gained prominence as vital drivers of global change, profoundly influencing liveability. This study addresses the gap in the literature by unveiling the tangible benefits of sustainability efforts, from carbon emissions reduction to enhanced employee satisfaction and community engagement. It underscores the critical role played by businesses in fostering partnerships for systemic changes that contribute to more liveable and resilient societies.

Literature Review/Research Gap: This research builds upon prior literature, emphasizing the practical impacts of sustainability efforts. It contributes by exploring how businesses shape systemic changes for global sustainability, addressing a notable research gap.

Research Method: A mixed-method approach incorporates surveys and in-depth interviews. Surveys gauge the extent of sustainability implementation, while interviews provide qualitative insights into their impacts on communities and global sustainability.

Findings: Survey results highlight the significant role of organizations in reducing environmental impact, conserving resources, enhancing employee well-being, and fostering community engagement. Furthermore, the study underscores the significance of collaborative partnerships with government agencies and non-governmental organizations in advocating sustainable policies and driving systemic change for liveable and resilient societies.

Theoretical and Practitioner Implications: This research advances theoretical understanding by emphasizing the interconnectedness of sustainable business practices and global liveability. For practitioners, it provides actionable insights into how organizations can positively impact communities and drive systemic change through sustainability initiatives, offering a roadmap for sustainable and equitable business practices.

Limitations: It is important to note that this study is based on a relatively small dataset, which may limit the generalizability of the findings. Future research should aim to gather more extensive data to strengthen the validity of these findings and explore contextual variations in sustainable practices.

Australian Academy of Business Research, volume 1, issue 1, September 2023, pp 44-51

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